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Computerized Brinell : B-3000-PC

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Computerized Brinell : B-3000-PC

Features :
  • Fully computerized system for indentation measurement and display
  • Accurate measurement of Brinell Hardness through matched Optics, CCD Camera, hardware and software using advanced image processing technologies
  • Wide range of testing with 4 load steps
  • High accuracy confirming to IS 2281-1983
  • Hydraulically loading / unloading system provided with load / unload knob for operation
  • Windows based software system
  • Three modes of measurement, manual, semi auto and auto
  • In auto mode the image is scanned for measurement and hardness is displayed automatically. In Semi automatic mode curser is to click on the indentation to get the hardness value. In manual mode curser is to be matched to the diameter of the indentation to get the hardness value
  • Calibration mode is provided with password protection
  • Batch testing facility is provided

Description :

B-3000 PC Computerized Brinell Hardness tester has a C type load frame. The job is positioned on the test table and lifted by the hand wheel to touch the support plate. Required load is applied on the job and removed by operating Load / unload knob provided on machine at the bottom side of load frame. The timely indexing of indentors is automatic.

On removal of load the optics will transfer the image of indentation to COD. The image is further digitalized and processed by PC for measurement. The diameter of the image can be measured automatically / semi automatically / manually to give Brinell Hardness value.

The test report consists of Machine, sample and test details along with

  • Mean diameter
  • Brinell Hardness value
  • Bitmap image
  • Low / high limits acceptance and accept or reject status

Technical Specifications :
Description B-3000-PC / B-3000-IPC
Test Loads 500,750,1000 & 3000 kgf.
Max test height 380 mm (approx)
Depth of throat 200 mm
Size of base 380 x 740 mm (approx)
Machine height 1230 mm (approx)
Drive Motor 0.33 HP
Power supply 3 Phase 400-440 V, 50Hz, AC (for machine)  & 1 Phase 200-220 V, 50Hz, AC (for computer)
Weight of the machine 425 kg (approx)

Standard Accessories :
Item Description B-3000-PC B-3000-IPC
Testing table dia 200 mm 1 No 1 No
Testing Table dia 70 mm with V Groove for round jobs 10 mm to 80mm dia 1No. 1No.
Ball Holder 5 mm with T C Ball  1 No. 1 No.
Ball Holder 10 mm with T C Ball  1 NO 1 NO
Test Block HB 5/750 1 NO. 1 NO.

Test Block 10/3000

1 No. 1 No.
Steel ball 5 mm and 10 mm dia 5 Nos. each 5 Nos. each
Allen spanner 1 set 1 set
Instruction Manual 1 Book 1 Book
Panel PC --

Fan less Panel Pc with 4:3 LED

touch screen panel and industrial

mother board.  Intel Atom

Processor 1.6 GHZ, 1 GB DDR

2 RAM 8.0” LCD Monitor of

Resolution  800 x 600 (SVGA)

Computerized Brinell : B-3000-IPC

( View / Download pdf )

Model : B-3000-IPC :

General :
Computerized Brinell Hardness Tester, Model : B-3000-IPC is designed for Brinell hardness measurement on steels and other ferrous materials and also on non- ferrous materials like Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, etc. The material can be cast, forged or rolled and the shape can be flat, round or irregular shapes.

Features :
  • The actual load application system is of dead weight type combined with mechanical lever system. The supporting hydraulic system is for initial lifting of load before each test and dampening the load application system for smooth application of load.
  • A separate hydraulic power pack, positioned in the bottom part of the machine adds to the machine stability.
  • Our unique design of a floating fulcrum lever system ensures high accuracy and dependability.
  • An automatic indenter index system is provided which tilts the indenter after the impression and the magnified image is visible on the IPC for area measurement & display of hardness value.
  • Thus this machine saves a lot of cycle time, improves accuracy of measurement and gives fast and accurate results with less operator fatigue.
  • This model is mainly useful for production testing in Auto shops, Foundries, Forging Shops and Heat treatment units, etc.
  • The machine accuracies confirm to IS: 2281 2005 & BS : 240.

Special Additional Features :
  • Machine has fully computerized system for indentation measurement and display.
  • The image is scanned for measurement and hardness is displayed automatically.
  • Accurate measurement of Brinell hardness through matched optics, CCD Camera with box image magnification, hardware and software using advanced image processing technology.
  • It gives an image of indentation directly on inbuilt Industrial PC of the machine with measurement facility and touch screen.
  • Fine adjustment facility is provided for accurate measurement of the image.
  • Auto, semi-auto and manual test facility
  • Quick compare mode for Go: No-Go application.
  • Coarse and Fine position adjustment for manual test.
  • Calibration modes Camera, Axial & Radial Calibration (5 Point calibration)
    1. Magnification of CCD Camera
    2. Magnification Of Objectives (5X, 10X,etc.)
    3. Focal distance (Radial Calibration)
    4. ERMA Scale ( X-Y Axial Calibration)
    5. Testing area (pixel Calibration)
  • Batch testing facility
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Search based on various parameters.
  • Software compatibility with Windows XP-SP2, Vista, Win-7 OS.
  • Roll based access to features.
  • Certificate generation.
  • Test report, certificate printing facility.

Industrial Panel PC Specification :
  • Fanless PanelPCwith 4 :3 LED touch screen panel and industrial motherboard specially designed for industrial applications.
  • IntelAtom Processor 1.6 GHZ,1GBDDR2RAM.
  • 8.0 LCD monitor having resolution 800 x 600 (SVGA)

Software Feature (BIMS):
This is precise Brinell Impression Measurement Software. High technology image management system is built to get desired accuracy with IS compliance to be measured within given time. The detailed features are as listed below :
  • Precise Brinell Impression Measurement :
    Based on Image Processing techniques, BIMS achieves high precision image measurement and also the repeatability in the readings. It is easily configurable for environment. Working with USB camera enables BIMS to be deployable at difficult measuring conditions along with standard BIMS applications.
  • Measurement Modes :
    There is a fast and accurate Auto mode for standard components with good surface finish. Additionally, a Semi-Auto mode is provided for measuring blured images due to poor surface finish. In case of very fast measurement requirements where the actual hardness value is not required. A confirmation that it is within specified limits is enough, compare mode is also provided. With such variety of modes, most of the test conditions are covered enabling the user to obtain results in required methodology and in required formats.
  • Calibration Facility : Calibration is the heart of every measurement. So,BIMS provides multiple calibration levels to achieve high accuracy in results.There is Pixel calibration accompanied with multi-point calibration andERMAcalibration. With these calibration techniques, provides precise measurement results.
  • Analysis and Reporting : If one cannot find the historical data, it is as good as unavailable. So, Search is key feature of .BIMS Test Certificate and Customer are key search criteria along with other details. Uniqueness of the Test Certificates being generated is maintained and the same is available for searching and printing.Additionally, there is statistical analysis available in tabular and graphical formats to assist the user.
  • Hardware Interface : The key input to BIMS is the image captured by the CCD camera. So, presently it is configured to work with special purpose USB camera for this application.

Technical Specifications :
Description B-3000-IPC
Test Loads 500 to 3000 in steps of 250
Initial load (Kgf) NIL
Maximum test Height x Throat (mm) 380 * 200
Maximum depth of elevating screw below base (mm) approx. 180
Machine height (mm) approx 1250
Size of base (mm) approx 400 * 740
Net weight (Kg) approx 400
Drive motor (hp) 0.5
Mains supply 3 Phase, 415V, 50 Hz, AC
Indentation Measurement Direct reading through CCD Camera with 60X magnification on inbuilt Industrial PC.

Standard Accessories :
Item Description B-3000-IPC
Flat testing table dia 200 mm 1 No
"V" Groove testing table dia 70 mm for round jobs of dia 10 to 80 mm 1No.
Ball holder dia 5 mm 1 No.
Ball holder dia 10 mm 1 NO
Test Block HBW 5/750 1 NO.

Test Block 10/3000

1 No.
Industrial PC 1 No.
Allen key set 4 -pieces
Tungsten Carbide ball dia 5 mm 1 No
Tungsten Carbide ball dia 10 mm 1 No
Instruction manual 1 Book