Electro-Mechanical Computerized Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Testing Machine

  • These models are suitable for testing metals and iron, Plastics, Rubber, Ceramics, Fabrics , Composites, Cables and wires.
  • Load is measured through a strain gauge based Load Cell and elongation is through rotary encoder.
  • Depending upon the customers requirement a suitable type of grips are available. Extra Load cell can be offered suitable for low load samples.

Max. Capacity 2500N 5000N 10 kN 25 kN 50 kN
Measuring range 0-2500N 0-5000N 0-10kN 0-25kN 0-50kN
Ranges Least Counts 0.125 N 0.25N 0.5 N 1.25N 2.5N
Elongation Scale L.C. 0.01 mm 0.01 mm 0.01 mm 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
Grip separation
without Grip :

25 mm
750 mm

25 mm
600 mm
variable speed
drive stepless
5 to 300 mm/min
H.P. (for standard speed) 1 Hp 2 Hp
Supply 3 Phase, 415Volts, 50Hz AC
Over travel Safety Provided with each model

Software Features :

  • Menu driven form system with colour graphs to compare sample test results.
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  • Test details and reports are stored in database
  • User programmable master test templates
  • User can select test from master test Templates and can start similar test
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  • Load and Elongation is continuously displayed on screen
  • Overload protection for machine by electronic control
  • Tare Load and Reset Elongation facility available
  • User selectable sample break detect condition
  • Load rate and strain rate are also displayed while testing
  • Unlimited Load rate and strain rate control steps *
  • With Load rate controller, user can hold the load on specimen for unlimited time *
  • With Load rate control, user can specify positive or negative Rate of Loading *
  • User selectable units for load and displacement (kg, kN,N, Ibf, mm, cm, inch etc.) Results and graphs are automatically displayed accordingly.
  • On line display of Load and Displacement (Stress, Extension, Strain) etc. while test is conducted
  • Provision of auto zeroing of Elongation at preload set by user
  • User Programmable Reports. User can select Header, Footer, Specimen information, Dimensions, Test information, Test results, Stastical analysis as per his need.
  • Generated reports can be exported to PDF file and can be e-mailed
  • If electronic extensometer is used then proof stress values from 0.1% to1%can be determined
  • Software will give alert to user to remove extensometer when load crosses .2% of Gauge length selected then proof load value is calculated. (With extensometer)
  • Separate graph of extensometer and encoder is displayed
  • Provision of calculation of Load and Elongation at yield, Peak load and Load at break, Yield stress, Ultimate stress etc.
  • Special software for tensile, compression, bend, TOR steel and other test software as per customer requirements.