Computerized Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

Computerized Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

Features :

  • Fully computerized system for indentation measurement and display
  • Accurate measurement of Brinell Hardness through matched Optics, CCD Camera, hardware and software using advanced image processing technologies
  • Wide range of testing with 4 load steps
  • High accuracy confirming to IS 2281-1983
  • Hydraulically loading / unloading system provided with load / unload knob for operation
  • Windows based software system
  • Three modes of measurement, manual, semi auto and auto
  • In auto mode the image is scanned for measurement and hardness is displayed automatically. In Semi automatic mode curser is to click on the indentation to get the hardness value. In manual mode curser is to be matched to the diameter of the indentation to get the hardness value
  • Calibration mode is provided with password protection
  • Batch testing facility is provided

Description :

    B-3000 PC Computerized Brinell Hardness tester has a C type load frame. The job is positioned on the test table and lifted by the hand wheel to touch the support plate. Required load is applied on the job and removed by operating Load / unload knob provided on machine at the bottom side of load frame. The timely indexing of indentors is automatic.
    On removal of load the optics will transfer the image of indentation to COD. The image is further digitalized and processed by PC for measurement. The diameter of the image can be measured automatically / semi automatically / manually to give Brinell Hardness value.
    The test report consists of Machine, sample and test details along with
  • Mean diameter
  • Brinell Hardness value
  • Bitmap image
  • Low / high limits acceptance and accept or reject status

Technical Specifications :

Description B-3000-PC / B-3000-IPC
Test Loads 500,750,1000 & 3000 kgf.
Max test height 380 mm (approx)
Depth of throat 200 mm
Size of base 380 x 740 mm (approx)
Machine height 1230 mm (approx)
Drive Motor 0.33 HP
Power supply 3 Phase 400-440 V, 50Hz, AC (for machine)  & 1 Phase 200-220 V, 50Hz, AC (for computer)
Weight of the machine 425 kg (approx)