Digital Optical Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

Brinell Hardness Testing Machines

Salient Features of Digital system :

  • User friendly system
  • 21 X 8 Line Display
  • Keyboard Entry for Serial No, Batch No, Date Time
  • Ball diameter / Load Selection: 2.5mm/187.5kgf, 5mm/250kgf, 5mm/750kgf, 10mm/500kgf, 10mm/1000kgf ,10mm/3000kgf
  • Ball Type Selection : Tungsten /Steel
  • User can set zero and move cursor for X and Y measurement
  • Direct BHN reading after pressing BHN key.
  • Optional conversion result facility for other scales(Vickers HV, Knoop HK, Tensile Strength KSI, Microficial WMN)
  • Battery Backup Real Time clock
  • Results displayed in BIG font
  • For average option, up to 9 previous readings displayed while measurement
  • Batch Facility – User can decide no. of samples in batch
  • Batch wise reports and statistical reports on display as well as on printer
  • User can scroll report on display with UP/DOWN key
  • All Results reports are displayed and Printed on Printer.
  • All Reports are transferred on Serial Port.
  • RS232C Port Baud Rate is Programmable
  • User can use and standard Communication Hyper terminal for capturing data
  • Or FMI can supply capture software.
  • 500 results are stored in the system.