Fatigue Testing Machine

Fatigue Testing Machine

Application And Operation :

This machine is used to test the Fatigue strength of materials and to draw S-N Diagram by research institutes, Laboratories, material manufacturers and various industries. This is a rotating beam type machine in which load is applied in reversed bending fashion. The standard 8 mm dia specimen is held in special holders at its ends and loaded such that it experiences a uniform bending moment. The specimen is rotated at 4200 rpm by a motor. A complete cycle of reversed stresses in all fibers of the specimen is produced during each revolution. The bending moment is applied with a lever system and can be easily changed by moving weight over the lever. Total number of revolutions at which the specimen fails is recorded by a Digital Counter. An interlocking system puts off the motor at specimen failure, Machine meets requirements of IS 5075-1959.

Features :

  • Light weight, compact size, Simple design
  • Table model, no need at foundation.
  • Auto torque selector to adjust torque to specimen through gear box
  • Simple lover System of changing bending moment load.
  • Accurately Calibrated as per IS 5075.

(Machine with maximum bending moment up to 40Nm can be offered on request)

Technical Data :

Maximum Bending Moment 2 Nm
Bending Moment adjustable 2.5-20 Nm
Range Range-I 2.5-12.5 Nm
Range-II 12.5-20.0 Nm
Gripping dia of specimen 12 mm
Testing dia of specimen 8 mm
Rotating speed 4200 rpm
Accuracy of appiled bending moment ± 1 %
Digital Counter 8 Digit
Power required 0.5 HP
Power Supply 3 ph,440 V,50 Hz,A.C
Overall size (approx) 1000 L X 500 W X 600 H mm
Weight (approx) 120 kg